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Jumat, Februari 17, 2012

VB AntiCrack v1.5

vb anticrack
VB AntiCrack protects strings in source code. It's based on the principle that all crackers have to use string references to analyze and crack a program. VB AntiCrack encrypts all strings in your source code and generates decryption functions. After compilation, your program won't contain any extractable strings but only encrypted code. This technology provides strong protection for your software. For maximum protection, we recommend using VB AntiCrack with DotFix NiceProtect.

Main Features:

  • Can process a whole VB project by automatically opening and protecting all files in the project;
  • If project files are stored in different folders, VB AntiCrack will offer you to put all of them into one folder;
  • Logs all important operations and generates a report, which you can save into a file;
  • Has a user friendly interface, with hints for all functions.


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