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Senin, Oktober 06, 2014

Sandboxie - PC

Utility to monitor the performance of various programs. After installing the utility of interaction of various programs from the system will come through it. This gives the ability to remove traces of the previous session applications. Thus Sandboxie advocates a kind of filter, which retained all the changes to the system the various programs. Through this approach may remove installed spyware and promotional tools that penetrate to the computer, for example, through a browser. Likewise utility oversees the mailing program by sending in their "trap" attached to the letter viruses and Trojans.

The main function performed by the program - the protection and preservation of your computer in working condition. This is achieved by creating a system of "temporary storage", like the cache. All activities on the Internet by individual users, all the processes for installing the software does not use permanent change system settings, and temporary storage Sandboxie. Through this you can quite easily make a "rollback". The program is configured to use any web browsers, supported, and e-mail client, but only one - Outlook Express. Focus group Sandboxie is sufficiently large, from people testing the software to private users who use the Internet, or simply not wanting to harm your computer unknown program.


Sandboxie v4.12 Final (x86)

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