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Senin, Maret 26, 2012

XUS Desktop Professional Edition - PC

XUS Desktop - A management application shortcuts on the desktop. With XUS Desktop you can easily manage the shortcuts. The program will make your desktop a nice-looking, neat, but at the same time very comfortable. XUS Desktop also offers you a new way to launch programs. If you are tired of using the standard desktop Windows, try XUS Desktop.

Key features:
* You can easily arrange all the shortcuts on the desktop;
* Quick and easy way to run programs;
* Make your desktop simple, clear and beautiful;
* Update the look of your computer;
* Convenient and useful functions;
* The perfect solution if you have a lot of shortcuts on the desktop.

* Easy to organize your windows desktop icons
* Fast & swift way to launch the program
* Make you windows desktop clear and beautiful
* Offers a different & wonderful feel to use your computer
* More useful and helpful functions
* Offers a perfect solution to handle too much desktop icon's problem

XUS Desktop Professional Edition 1.7.72 | 3.2 MB

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